Group exercise completed by  Fall 2022 UCLA Chicanx Latinx Art & Artists students. They named all the artists they know. Then circled female/women artists and starred Chicanx/Latinx female/women artists.

As an artist who teaches art related courses such as art censorship, digital methods, Chicanx Latinx and Queer arts, I always include an art project component. During the move to Zoom teaching due to the COVID pandemic, it was often difficult for students to gain access to even basic art materials. Therefore, I began this activist research project after participating a wiki-thon program of the exhibition Printing the Revolution at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. Special thanks to Helaine Blumenthal of Wiki Education and Xaviera Flores, archivist and librarian at the CSRC (Chicanx Studies Research Center) at UCLA.
This QR code links to a web page that includes lists of all linked Wikipedia articles published by my Chicanx Latinx and Queer Art courses at UCLA.
Wikipedia Articles
These are 68 articles published by students in Chicanx Latinx Art and Queer Art followed by lists of articles published by each course and year.
Pilar Agüero-Esparza • Monica Aissa Martinez • Sofia Alexander • Jackie Amezquita • Ana María Arévalo Gosen • Connie Arismendi • Vanessa Ayala • Kari Barba • Angelica Becerra • Elizabeth Blancas • Cristina Cardenas • Graciela Carrillo • Ruby Chacon • Chiquitita • Max Colby • Amina Cruz • Emilia Cruz • Marianela De La Hoz • Amy Díaz-Infante • Melo Dominguez • Alex Donis • Jessica Dunn Rovinelli • Kimberly Duran • Chris Emile • Ruben Esparza • Carlee Fernandez • Crystal Galindo • Devyn Galindo • Cheyne Gallarde • Cassandra Giraldo • Pat Gomez • Marcelina Gonzales • Grace Gutierrez• Mari Hernandez • Lucia Hierro • Leticia Huerta • Chase Icon • Frida Larios • Carmen Leon • Carmen Linares-Kalo • Pola Lopez • Jacalyn Lopez Garcia • Guadalupe Maravilla • Isabel Martinez • Marion C. Martinez • Dalila Paola Méndez • Felicia "Fe" Montes • Sand One • Irene Pérez • Raul Pizarro • Martha Ramirez-Oropeza • R.D. Riccoboni • Reynaldo Rivera • Katie Ruiz • Marta Sánchez • Olivia Sanchez Brown • Kristy Sandoval • Sendy Santamaria • Marcia Schvartz • Lyric Shen • Don Sorenson • Magdalena Suarez Frimkess • Johanna Toruño • Anita Valencia • Lucila Villaseñor Grijalva • Liliana Wilson Grez • Mars Wright • Claudia E. Zapata​​​​​​​
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